Two of the most popular kitchen additions during renovations are islands and peninsulas either with or without a raised bar top. People want more storage, a great look and more importantly a functional space to entertain and live. Part of the increased functionality includes a place to sit and eat breakfast, or read the paper, or simply visit with those cooking in the kitchen.   At Hawthorne Kitchens we sell Canadian made custom bar stools to match your beautiful new kitchen. With so many different options, clients often ask “how do I choose?” Here are some things to think about when choosing bar stools.  
1.       Cushion Material- look for a material that is clean and durable. Kitchen bar stools get a lot of wear and tear, and you want them to last. If you have kids (or a particularly messy eater) you’ll want to make sure that you can easily wipe off spilt food or drinks. You may want to avoid materials that have a lot of textured patterns in them as they can be crumb catchers. 
2.       Stool Material- Bar stools come in woods, aluminum, iron and a mix of materials. You can often get them finished however you want. Remember that certain materials are heavier than others, so if you plan on moving the stools around a lot, you may want to choose something lighter.
3.       Seat Height- this will depend on your kitchen design. Are you planning on a level bar top, or a raised bar top to separate working space from eating space? Different types of bars need different stool heights, ordering a seat height the same height as your bar will not work. Typically you will want to have about 12 inches from the seat to the underside of your bar top. For example, if the underside of your bar top is at 37 inches, you would want your seat at about 25 or 26 inches high. Most raised bar tops will be about 42 inches high so you will want to choose at stool where the seat is at about 30”. 
4.        Number of Bar Stools- Many people renovate hoping to gain space and functionality in their kitchen. A bar can be a great way to do this, but be careful not to cram too many seats at the bar. In general you should have about 30 inches from the center of one bar stool to the next. Measure the length of your bar and divide it by 30 inches to see how many stools you will need. 
5.       Style- There are many different options when it comes to bar stool features.   Short on space? You might want to consider tucking your bar stool under the countertop which means they won’t have a back. Are you planning on using these stools as your main seating? Then think comfort. Stools can come with high backs, plush cushions and arm rests. If you have hardwoods and are worried about scratching, think about getting swivel stools so that people will swivel instead of drag your stools across the floor. Stools should compliment your kitchen. You don’t want them to be too overwhelming and compete with your beautiful cabinetry.  
At Hawthorne Kitchens we can help you choose the best bar stools for your kitchen.