Why choose custom?  

It’s a question we hear all of the time at Hawthorne Kitchens.  Clients wonder if they are really getting more by choosing a custom kitchen; well here are some things to consider.                                                                                                     

1. We know kitchens
Kitchens, vanities and other custom millwork is what we specialize in.  It’s our job to research and stay on top of new trends, new products available and then to share them with you.  Designing a kitchen is not as simple as putting some cabinets against a wall, there is a lot of thought and knowledge that goes into a design layout.  At Hawthorne we work with you to discover what you need in a kitchen and then work together to incorporate the features that best suit your lifestyle. 

2. We optimize space
At Hawthorne Kitchens we manufacture our cabinets and doors in our own shop; this
gives our designers freedom to dream up a beautiful kitchen that is perfect for your space.  Cabinets are all made within 1/8” so that every nook and cranny of your kitchen is utilized.  This becomes especially important in smaller or uniquely shaped spaces where “standard” cabinets just don’t fit.

3. Custom Quality
At Hawthorne Kitchens your project isn’t just another “job” it’s truly a labour of love for a family business that was started in 1946.  From the office staff to the craftsmen creating your cabinets in the shop, we stand by our product which means quality is always our top priority.  From thicker centre panels to the smoothest drawer slides available we are always looking for ways to improve.  The products we put in our homes are the same products we put in your home- there is no second best at Hawthorne. 

4. Why bother with standard when you can be exceptional?
At Hawthorne Kitchens there is no such thing as “standard”; we have no standard colours, cabinet styles or sizes.  We have no boxes or doors sitting in the back waiting to be sold; every kitchen we design and manufacture is uniquely yours, tailored to fit both the style of your home and personal tastes.  The combination of custom finishes and design results in a truly unique space.