One of the most common complaints from people who want to renovate their kitchen, is that their old kitchen lacks useable countertop space. We have a very simple design solution that can create more useable countertop space without making your actual kitchen space any larger.
Traditionally, people enjoy having their sink centred on the window; however, having the sink under the window creates a lot of unusable counter space in a small kitchen. Consider the picture below. If the sink was under the window, there would be a small countertop to the left of the sink; there would be un-workable counter space under the corner upper cabinet, and a small counter space to the left of the stove. The kitchen would not be very functional at all.
To fix the problems stated above, we have placed the sink in the corner. This option utilizes an otherwise unworkable countertop area under the corner upper cabinet, and creates a great workable countertop area under the window. It also allows one person to work at the stove, one person at the sink, and another person preparing food on the large, workable counter space under the window.
With one small design change you can go from an inefficent kitchen with no useable counter space, to a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful.

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