As someone who checks the 25-30 age category box, I often think that I don’t have a style yet- and I don’t think I’m alone. Clothing, colours, decor…… I can’t say there’s a style that fits me the best. One day I am falling over a kitchen design like our blue and white cottage kitchen featured a couple of weeks ago, and the next day I’ve moved on to something more natural looking….like this kitchen. I couldn’t find the creator of this modern-natural kitchen, but I absolutely love it. Here are a few reasons why: 
·         The two-toned shaker doors look gorgeous. They’re a little more interesting than your standard shaker and I think they give the kitchen a more natural look.  
·         I’m always a fan of open cabinetry, and the combination of open shelving and two-tones in the peninsula are fantastic. 
·         When trying to bring the outdoors in, I believe that using nature as your colour guide can never fail. The greyish/white stone countertops fit perfectly with the cabinetry. I feel like you would see these colours and textures out on a hike.
So what do you think? What’s your style?