As our renovation date gets closer, we are getting our final quotes and doing some research on government grants that are available to the public. 
Here are two websites that some of you might find helpful. As it turns out, if you are willing to do the work and make some phone calls (I think I’m on call #15) there are some great government incentives which can help during renovations.
The first website deals with tax rebates available through the City of Winnipeg. The second website outlines the Federal Government’s ecoENERGY Retrofit program. In our case, since we are planning on renovating we can receive some rebates based on choosing energy efficient products. If you are thinking of updating your home, but you’re just not sure- this rebate might help.
So while we wait to have our ecoENERGY inspection done, here are the rest of our pre-reno pictures. 
A little tip: Since removing our cabinets I found out that you are not supposed to do any demo’s until you have had your inspection done.
Enjoy. Hope the websites prove helpful!