It has been a month since our last house renovation update and a lot has changed. Over the last month we have had our ecoEnergy inspection. About 2 weeks after our inspection, we received a full report identifying changes that we can make in order to make our house more energy efficient. The report also specified the grants available to help with those changes. There were recommendations for everything from new toilets to attic insulation. 
Things we’ve learned over the past month
  • If you are willing to put in the work, you might be able to see significant savings with respect to work you have to contract out. When getting a quote, ask how much you can save if you do the prep work yourself. We have found that many of our sub-contractors were great at explaining how to prep the area before they came in to do their own work and were more than willing to let us do the dirty work. 
  •  Panel board looks great when painted! The hard part is roughing it up first, but it does look great once it’s done; 80 grit sandpaper works the best, and make sure you use good quality primer.
  •  Good sub-contractors make all the difference.  You may notice that our house is missing a wall! We would like to thank ALB Construction for this! Mark and his crew did a great job and we would highly recommend them. 
 Now that our house has been taken apart, it’s time to put it back together! Stay tuned for more changes in the next month. Enjoy the pictures.